Customer-first services that provide a superior experience for insurers and customers.
Award-winning technology combined with a skilled and experienced team to deliver drainage, water and investigation services to meet the most challenging of situations.

A range of services designed for you

A key feature of our innovative approach is the development of our award-winning digital data capture and management tool 360SiteView, specifically configured to suit drainage and water claims.

Our team of experts are skilled in the field of drainage, water repairs and investigations, with extensive, proven knowledge. Our full range of services enables us to provide a superior experience that is highly customer-focused.

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Drainage Surveys and Repairs

We specialise in drainage surveys and repairs, providing unparalleled standards of service and expertise underpinned by cutting edge technology.

Our skilled engineers conduct onsite CCTV surveys using our unique 360Siteview technology platform.

All drainage repairs are managed and resolved using the method that suits best, we only employ highly experienced engineers who are qualified to deliver the service excellence that we expect.

Unlike our competition, our technology provides full visibility and transparency of the repair, giving all parties in the supply chain access. This provides significantly reduced timescales and costs which of course drives up customer satisfaction.

Why choose us?
- Unblock, repair, investigations, CCTV surveys...
- Specialist and experienced
- Award-winning technology
- Insurance specific claims services



At DRC we understand the most complex but also simple subsidence issues and the extreme weather changes of late unfortunately, make subsidence very much a reality for many property owners.

With our unique business process and unrivalled experience we provide a subsidence management service that is guaranteed to deliver a more efficient, effective but also swift resolution.

Our technology, our people and our experience of subsidence issues enables us to deliver a cutting-edge subsidence management and resolution service.

Why choose us?
- Site investigation
- Drainage repairs
- Water mains repairs
- Arboricultural services
- Laboratory services
- Specialist Insurance claims services

Water Mains Investigations and Repairs

We can detect and resolve clean water mains issues within a single visit with minimum disruption, reduced timescales and most of all costs.
All of our repairs are monitored and managed via our award-winning technology, we are able to apply a variety of specialist techniques and once the issue is identified our skilled engineers can get to work immediately.

Why choose us?
- Specialist leak detection and resolution
- Meter testing
- Domestic moling
- Subsidence services
- Specialist Insurance claims services


We provide the appropriate validation services for all drainage and clean water mains services insurance claims.

With the ability to triage, evidence online in real-time, validate and resolve, we help Insurers identify and confirm the extent of liability and significant reduce the chance of errors, miscalculated pricing and fraudulent claims.

Our experienced engineers use our award-winning technology throughout the investigation providing full visibility and transparency for Insurers. This enables our clients to manage costs of repair and claims expenditure.

Why choose us?
- Significantly reduce fraudulent claims
- Identify and confirm liability almost instantly
- Detailed reports of causation
- Full visibility and control of repair and claims costs

Claims Management

Our team is dedicated to managing all claims of behalf of insurers as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

With a single point of contact and access to our award-winning technology, we provide Insurers with a first-rate management service for all drainage and clean water property insurance claims.

Our expert claims handlers are experienced and qualified in the complexities that exist within any water-based insurance claim. Our customer-first approach is unpinned by our technology with provides the insurer with full visibility and access to the process at all times.

Why choose us?
- Specialists and experts in Insurance
- Triage and validation
- Award-winning technology
- Skilled engineers and access to a qualified contractor network

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